Virechana - Purgation

Pre-Procedure: Medicated ghee is given in a specific quantity to be taken empty stomach for 3-5-7 days. Thereafter, a whole-body massage is done followed by whole-body steam.

Procedure: On the day of Virechana, a whole-body massage and steam are given early morning. Then suitable purgative medicine is given empty stomach. According to the type of medicine given several urges of loose watery motions are induced. The process completes within 4-5 hours.

Post-procedure: Next 3-7 days specific diet is prescribed to be followed compulsorily.


Virechana is specifically beneficial in Pitta Dosha and to some extent in Vata Dosha disorders. It is also specifically a treatment of choice in Rakta/ blood related diseases. It helps to expel the vitiated and aggravated Pitta Dosha through purgation. It helps to reduce excess body heat. It helps to improve strength, nourishment, immunity and longevity as a long term benefit.

How it works

The whole process of Virechana helps to remove the vitiated Pitta dosha as well as Vata Dosha during the process. The organs like the liver, pancreas and intestine are the major sites of Pitta Dosha and are stimulated to expel the excess of Pitta dosha downwards. It also helps to reduce the toxins, particularly in Rakta/ Blood, and regularize Pitta Dosha activities.

Recommended in

Persons having Pitta dosha as predominant vitiated dosha. It is useful in diseases like dermatitis, blisters, abscess, liver disorders, heartburn, jaundice, anemia, asthma, gout, reproductive organ diseases, edema, burning sensation, etc. Virechana is also recommended for a healthy person in Sharad Rutu i.e. October heat period for
maintaining health.


Lean body, weakness, small children, old persons, patients with heart diseases, indigestion, pregnancy, diarrhoea etc.


10 days
Daily : 60 mins

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