Shiroabhyang - Regular Head Oil Massage

Regular head massage with plain or medicated oil is called Shiroabhyang. Lukewarm or normal temperature oil is poured over Adhipati Marma/ top of the head and a complete head massage is done considering the anatomical structures. Gentle throbbing strokes and hair tightening procedure is also done. Sometimes various soothing aromatic oils are used for head massage.


Shiroabhyang is highly recommended as a daily procedure in Ayurveda. The Head is the whole body’s controlling zone and is called Uttamang/ the most important part of the human body. Hence, shiroabhyang locally helps to nourish the scalp, reduce hair fall and improve the hair texture and shine. Head massage helps the complete body and mind relaxation. It also helps to induce sound sleep.

How it works

The oil gets absorbed in scalp and hair roots. The massage helps to improve the blood circulation in scalp and head. Pressing specific marma helps to stimulates the activities of organs under skull.


Chronic sinusitis, cold
and cough, fever,
conjunctivitis, glaucoma,
scalp and head injuries,
inflammatory diseases

Recommended in

Insomnia, anxiety or neurosis, depression, lack of mental concentration, memory impairment, irritability, hyperactivity, several types of headaches, paralysis and other psychosomatic disorders. Daily head massage helps to maintain hair, sensory organ and scalp health.


30 mins


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