Sneha Basti - Oil Enema

Administration of oil or ghee in the form of an enema is called Sneha Basti. Initially, the abdomen and back are massaged and steam is given. The oil enema stays in and gets expelled after a certain duration according to the condition and quantity


Locally it helps to lubricate the large intestine, regularize the bowel movement and evacuate the stools easily. Systemically, it helps to reduce Vata dosha and detoxify body.

How it works

The oil or ghee get absorbed to some extent and pacify Vata dosha. The properties of medicated oil or ghee helps to remove the toxins easily from the body.


Fever, severe anemia,
jaundice, flu,
diarrhoea, extreme obesity

Recommended in

Vata dosha disorders having pain-stiffness-swellings, constipation, general weakness, massive weight loss, fissures, paralysis, facial palsy, gout etc.


30 mins


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