Abhyangam - Whole Body Massage

Abhyangam is the whole body massage done with Ayurvedic medicated oils. It is done classically with long flowing strokes. The number and pressure of strokes, as well as the selection of oil, varies, based on your prakruti/body constitution and health conditions.


Abhyangam helps in body relaxation and is beneficial for body aches and pain. It helps to induce sound sleep and improves muscle consistency by reducing body stiffness. It helps in improving skin texture and complexion. It helps to delay aging, reduces Vata Dosha, energizes the body, hence helping in increasing overall well-being.

How it works

Synchronised motions stimulate nerve endings and increase blood circulation, thereby channelizing easy elimination of toxins from body. The herbs in the medicated oils rejuvenate the tissues and play a vital role in elimination of toxins.


Diseased conditions of Kapha Dosha, after Panchkarma treatment, indigestion,
acute illnesses like fever, extreme obesity, during menstruation and
pregnancy, immediately after heart attack etc.

Recommended in

Vata prakruti/ Vata dominant body constitution,
physically stressed person, old age etc.


45 mins
2 Hands – 1700/-
4 Hands – 2100/-

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