Masthishkya Shirolepa - (Thalapothizhil) Head/Hair Pack

Application of herbal pastes on the scalp (probably bald scalp) is called Shirolepa under the treatment category of Masthishkya i.e. about the head. Specifically applying Amla paste cooked in buttermilk and applying on the head is called Thalapothizhil. General head massage after removing paste is done to pacify the dosha.


It is very useful in diseases related to the scalp and brain. It helps to provide nourishment to the scalp. Pacify the aggravated doshas as per the herbs used for the procedure.

How it works

It acts locally as well as systemically. The herbs get absorbed and act on scalp skin. It also gets circulated in the inner parts to some extent and thus helps to act on the brain.

Recommended in

Useful in head and neck disorders,
Alzheimer’s disease, migraine,
headache, insomnia, and
other psychosomatic




60 mins

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