Nasal Instillation / Nasal Drops

In Nasyam, medicated oils and ghee, herbs, etc are instilled through the nasal cavity (nostrils) according to the prakruti, season, or underlying condition. It is done after a gentle facial massage and mild fomentation.


Nasya is beneficial in various conditions above the shoulder level. In the nose, it is very helpful to reduce congestion and dryness. It cleanses the nasal passage and thus allowing you to breathe fully and easily. It is also helpful in cleansing and strengthening other head and neck parts.

How it works

The medicated oil/ ghee or herbs act on the nasal passage as well as get absorbed to show action in other parts. It works on Vata- Pitta and Kapha Dosha as per the medicines used. According to Ayurved, nasal drops also help in brain diseases.


Immediately after food, alcohol and water intake, indigestion,
bath, hungry, thirsty, heavy exercise. Also those having fever,
pregnancy, acute running nose, asthama, cough etc.

Recommended in

Stiffness in head neck region, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, migraine, headache, facial palsy etc.


30 mins


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