Netra Tarpana - Eye Massage and Oleation

Special massage and oleation techniques for eyes are called Netra Tarpana in Ayurved. A suitable well is prepared using black gram or wheat dough over the periphery of the eyes. Lukewarm medicated ghee is poured into the well and the person is asked to open and close the eyes for a specific duration. The whole procedure is carried out under all aseptic precautions.


It helps to cleanse and bring lightness, and strength to the eyes.

How it works

The medicated ghee comes in contact with external parts of eyes. The medicines used in the ghee preparation are traditionally mentioned for eye treatments. They help to cleanse the eye channels thus rejuvenating the organ.


Eye inflammations,
injuries, infections,
fever, glaucoma,
cataract etc.

Recommended in

Various diseases of eyes, eye strain, dryness in eyes, blurred vision etc.



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