Udvartana - Body Scrubbing

Udvartana/body scrubbing is the treatment under massage where herbal powders mixed with warm oil or warm water are rubbed over whole or part of the body. The direction of this massage is an upward direction i.e. towards the heart and against the body hairs (Pratiloma in Sanskrit).


It helps to reduce foul body smell, heaviness in the body, and body itching. It helps to stabilize the body and nourishes the skin. It helps to improve the skin texture and glow. It also helps to reduce body fat.

How it works

The rubbing action is very useful to reduce the Kapha dosha and fat under the skin. The herbal powders get absorbed in the skin to show the action. The herbs used also helps to reduce the Vata and Pitta dosha.


Skin infections, sensitive skin,
burns and wounds on the skin,
skin diseases like psoriasis,
eczema, small children
below the age of 10,

Recommended in

Obesity, cellulitis,
skin darkening, etc.


45- 60 mins.

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