Jalaukavacharan - Leech Application

The application of leeches to suck the impure blood locally from a body part is called Jalaukavacharan in Ayurved. It is a type of blood-letting technique performed under all aseptic precautions. The area is cleaned and leech applied. After a specific time, the leech gets detached and the wound is compressed.


It helps to let impure blood and remove toxins within. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain at the site. It helps to improve the micro-circulation of the affected site.

How it works

Leech is capable of sucking blood up to 20ml from the affected and surrounding area. The accumulated toxins and impurities are also drained along with the sucked blood. This helps in healing the affected part.


Acute infections,
Low BP, anemia,
fever etc.

Recommended in

Skin diseases, acne, abscess, diabetic foot etc. It is mainly indicated in Pitta disorders.


30- 45 mins

800/- per leech

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