Takradhara - Pouring Stream of Buttermilk On Head

Takradhara is a special procedure similar to Taila Shirodhara. Buttermilk processed in Amla is poured over the forehead for a specific duration. A gentle massage is given on the forehead during the process.


It helps to relieve mental and physical stress. It helps to maintain natural hair colour. It helps to maintain the equilibrium of all the three doshas. It is also useful to improve immunity.

How it works

Takra, Amla, and Musta are dosha pacifying and have a cooling effect. It is very useful to reduce stress which is the main causative factor in many diseases. The absorbed part helps to reduce the excessive unctuousness in the body. It also has a cleansing effect, thus reducing toxins accumulated in various organs.

Recommended in

It is very useful in headaches,
crack feet, low immunity,
joint disorders, heart diseases,
diseases of eyes, ears and
urinary tract.


Head injuries and infections,
fever etc.


45-60 mins

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