Vaman - Emesis

Pre-Procedure: Medicated ghee is given in a specific quantity to be taken empty stomach for 3-5 days. Thereafter, on the 4th or 6th day, a whole-body massage followed by whole-body steam is given.

Procedure: On the 5th or 7th day, a whole-body massage and steam are given early morning. Then decoction of certain herbs is given to drink followed by emetic herbal paste. This induces emesis. A maximum of 8 urges of emesis is given to complete the procedure.

Post-Procedure: Warm water is given for gargling followed by herbal fumes for inhalation. Next 3-7 days specific diet is prescribed to be followed compulsorily.


Vaman is specifically beneficial in Kapha Dosha and to some extent in Pitta Dosha disorders. It helps to expel the vitiated and aggravated Kapha Dosha through emesis. It helps to improve digestive power and enhance metabolism. It helps to improve strength, nourishment, immunity, and longevity as a long-term benefit.

How it works

The whole process of Vaman helps to remove the vitiated Kapha
dosha and excess Pitta Dosha during the process. The organs
in the upper abdomen and chest are prone to get affected by
Kapha Dosha and hence Vaman acts to expel Kapha Dosha from
this area. It also helps to reduce the toxins and regularize
Kapha Dosha activities.

Recommended in

Persons having Kapha dosha as predominant vitiated dosha. Cough and cold, asthma, chronic respiratory disorders, skin diseases having itching as dominant symptom like urticarial rashes, indigestion, nausea, anorexia, lack of taste, head and neck Kapha diseases like acne, obesity, anemia, excess sleepiness etc. Vaman is also recommended in healthy person in Vasant Rutu i.e. spring season for maintaining health.


Lean body, weakness, small children, old persons,patients with heart diseases, enlarged spleen, ascites, intestinal obstruction, haemorrhoids, hematemesis, pregnancy etc.


9 days

Daily: 60 mins


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