Padabhyangam - Foot Massage / Foot Reflexology

Foot massage (below knee) with Ayurvedic medicated oil or cow ghee in Padabhyangam focuses on applying pressure to specific vital points on feet in order to stimulate various body parts.


It helps to improve blood circulation to the lower limb, prevents spasms, and relaxes the ligaments. It helps to relieve aches, and pain and makes feet healthier. It helps to relax the mind for better sleep. It helps in treating various ailments like restless leg syndrome, blood pressure, etc. Special foot massage with Kansya/ Bronze bowl and ghee is particularly useful to reduce body heat and beneficial to the eyes.

How it works

It mainly pacifies the Vata Dosha. It stimulates all organs and improves vitality. It helps in rejuvenating the tissues and strengthening the feet.


Fever, cold,
flu, wounds,

Recommended in

Healthy person, cracked feet,
sciatica etc.


30 mins

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