Kashaya Basti/ Niruha Basti - Medicated Decoction Enema

Administration of medicated decoction empty stomach in the form of enema is called Kashaya Basti or Niruha Basti. It is compulsorily administered after localized massage and steam. The Kashaya Basti gets expelled within a few minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes duration.


Locally it helps to evacuate the bowels completely and thus helps to remove the toxins locally. The mixture of oil, ghee, honey, and salt in the decoction helps to reduce systemic toxins also. It helps to reduce Vata dosha. This type of Basti is considered as enhancing longevity and establish youthfulness. Basti is considered as half treatment for all the diseases.

How it works

The herbs used for making decoction are selected as per the requirement of the body condition or disease. They get easily absorbed through the large intestine. It thus helps to pacify Vata dosha, regularize bowel movement, and improves digestion and body metabolism.

Recommended in

Vata Prakruti/Vata dominant body constitution, Vata diseases like painful conditions like arthritis, tremors, tingling and numbness, paralysis, sciatica, etc. It is very useful in diseases of abdominal viscera and obstructive conditions of flatus, urine, and stools.


Indigestion, anorexia, too weak or too weak lean, immediately after emesis and purgation, fainting and unconsciousness, severe cough, intestinal obstruction, severe edema, giddiness, etc.


75 mins


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