About Njavarakizhi

Njavarakizhi is a deeply refreshing and revitalizing massage that is practiced as rejuvenation therapy in order to alleviate the joint stiffness due to vata. It is regarded as the traditional treatment form of Ashtavaidya that is widely practiced in the state of Kerala. The massage involves the fomentation that is triggering and perspiration of the complete body with the bolus of the cooked rice. Rice is cooked with milk and is also added with different herbal products, which would add nutritional and therapeutic value for the treatment. The medicated herbal rice is boiled and wrapped in the hand sized cotton bags so that the therapists can easily make the movement of the hands.

Procedure Of The Treatment

In the starting of the treatment or the massage program, a little amount of medicated oil is applied over the body so that the treatment can become more effective. During the massage program the kizhi is dipped in warm decoration and then it is gently moved over the body. The boluses are again dipped into the mixed warm milk and herbal decoctions and then cool down before practicing the massage.
The fomentation or the massage is done by making the patient sit upright on the droni by keeping their legs outstretched. The therapy is practiced on either side of the body in an identical manner. The attendants who are involved in this treatment make the kizhis ready for the therapists to continue the same without any halt. The procedure or the treatment is done in seven different postures and at the end of the procedure the rice paste that is pasted on the body is removed using coconut leaves. Finally, a gentle massage is given to the body using warm medicated oil and then the person is made to rest for 30 minutes. The therapy lasts for 60 to 90 minutes a day and it also continues for 14 days

Njavarakizhi Treatment Benefits

Being an immune-enhancing rejuvenation therapy it is described to be very much beneficial and effective for the patient. Some of the benefits are mentioned below

  • Boost the immune system and improve digestion.
  • Nourish and reduce emaciation of the muscles.
  • Improve the luster and texture of the skin
  • Alleviate the injury and trauma of the patients
  • Improve the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sexual disorders
  • Treat menstruation, infertility and other weaknesses